About Street2Fleet

The owner of a garage door company and a digital marketing agency walk into a bar…

While online and mobile booking have become ubiquitous in the digital age — for ride sharing, fitness classes, salon services, hotel and restaurant reservations — the home service industry needed a platform to call… well, home.

Street2Fleet is the synergistic solution to booking online, its inception guided by the “must-have” features according to home service contractors and digital marketing professionals. This truly inspired collaboration fused years of sales and service experience in the garage door vertical with the latest strategies for optimizing lead generation and data analysis, courtesy of those immersed in their fields.

Problem defined, product delivered.
  • DESIGNED with SEO in mind
  • Street2Fleet was developed and coded with Google’s page experience signals and unique ranking algorithm in mind. The software won’t slow down your website’s load time or tank your core web vitals. The program is as light and swift as its ability to propel bookings to your schedule.

  • TRACKABLE through Google Analytics
  • S2F bookings are trackable through Google Analytics and can be imported to Google Ads to enhance the platform’s automated features that harness the power of AI. This is what digital marketing dreams are made of!

  • NO CONTRACTS, at-will monthly subscription
  • There’s no contract to sign, no holding your business captive. S2F is a month-to-month service we guarantee you’ll want to stick with.

The research is clear — booking online is better — for your customers, and finally, for your business. The ease of the customer’s online experience does not have to mean cutting corners for the team behind the scenes. S2F simplifies the booking process and touts a 100% booking rate for our contractors, without sacrificing the data collection that is invaluable for measuring performance, discovering patterns, and predicting trends.

Let go of contact forms and mere inquiries and let Street2Fleet turn every lead into a booked job on your schedule.

Click, click, booked!